We believe every business deserves access to professional, high-end, affordable services without sacrificing quality for cost.

Lineage Creative is a creative design, website development, and digital marketing agency operating in New York. We provide personalized creative design, affordable, custom professional website development, and individualized digital marketing services to clients all over the world, with a focus on reasonable costs, fast turnaround times, and quality work.

With decades of experience, the Lineage Creative team is at the forefront of innovative, creative, and effective design, development, and digital marketing solutions. We welcome you to contact us directly to discuss your needs. We enjoy our work, so we enjoy discussing how the unique qualities of a business can translate to its design, development, and marketing needs.

Our unique value-proposition includes:

Our Leadership

Matthew O’Sullivan

Matthew O’Sullivan has deep digital roots, founding, developing, and maintaining a large-scale news website with a staff of over a dozen editors at the age of 15. He uses his broad base of knowledge to help clients develop, execute, and manage their digital marketing strategies.

Matthew oversees all web development, and executes all programs related to digital marketing strategies. He personally analyzes all results on a regular basis, and adjusts each campaign to maximize efficiency and value.

Matthew has become a regional leader in web development, search marketing, digital training, and digital analytics analysis and planning. He is Google AdWords and Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certified.

Before starting Lineage Creative, Matthew was the Director of Digital Services with Media Solstice in Port Jervis, NY. Prior to this, he managed web development processes and search marketing campaigns for the Dow Jones Local Media Group’s clients. In addition, Matthew managed online advertising processes for recordonline.com, including display ad development and flighting, coordination of online classified advertising, and the business directory at HudsonValley.com.

Saikat Ghosh

Saikat Ghosh is skilled in the execution and maintenance of large-scale website development, and manages website design, development, and upgrade projects for dozens of clients, as well as a team of designers and developers. He uses his extensive knowledge to help our clients develop, execute, and manage their websites to be an effective marketing tool.

Saikat demonstrates his project-management and web-development expertise by personally overseeing all of our programs related to website design and development. He has a regular habit of analyzing and reviewing all projects on a daily basis in order to ensure we are maximizing efficiency and value for every one of our clients. Whether an eblast, a landing page, or a fully-functional large-volume website, he ensures each project gets the deserved attention to detail.

Saikat has become a regional leader in project planning, website design and development, and project analytics. He is Google Ads and Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certified.

Saikat has worked as the director of a leading website development and digital marketing company, and has managed digital advertising processes as a project manager. Prior to this, he managed website development processes and worked as a project manager for several well-known website development companies.

Our Mission

Design, development, and marketing services are critical to the success of a business. We believe every business deserves access to professional, high-end, affordable services without sacrificing quality for cost, and we exist to provide that access.

We accomplish this by ensuring that every solution we propose fits the need. Whether that be through right-sizing collateral, recommending specific website functionality, or developing a customized marketing plan to maximize results, we research and plan accordingly to provide a proposal that meets your goals, needs, and budget.




We strive to level the playing field by allowing businesses of all sizes to access marketing services that will allow each to stand out and complement what makes it unique.

The size of a business doesn’t necessarily correlate with the talent of the staff, the quality of its services, or its credibility. Unfortunately, though, we all judge a book by its cover. A poor website or a weak brochure can turn off a potential customer, and traditionally, small-to-medium-sized businesses don’t have the resources to stand out.

We want to change that and provide small, medium, and large businesses with creatively designed logical solutions to meet the specific budget, needs, and goals of each.