Custom Vs Template website

Should I Use a Template or Custom Development for My New Website?

August 01, 2019

Making the choice to invest in a new website is the first of a number of choices you’ll make along the way to launch. First and foremost, you’ll need to decide if you want your website to utilize a pre-existing template customized for your business, or if you want to have a website custom developed to meet your exact specifications. Why choose one over the other? Let’s explore the benefits and pitfalls of each!

Templated Websites

The primary difference with a templated website is that an existing design is being customized to fit you. The template comes first; you’re making concessions in order to fit within the pre-existing confines of the template.


They’re budget-friendly. If cost is an issue, using a template typically will mean a lower cost since much of the development work has already been completed.

They take less time to develop. Likewise, since much of the development work is already completed, it will typically take less time to get the final website up and running.


They’re intrinsically not unique. By definition, you’re using a design that’s available to all. Your website is less likely to unique and stands out across your industry.

Your options are limited. Not only are you limited to the template options available, you’re also limited to the functionality and features within a template. That great idea you came up with for your website may very well not be possible given the limitations of the template selected.

 Custom Developed Websites

The primary difference with a templated website is that design is created just for you. Your business comes first; the website is being developed to suit your needs and requests.


They’re adaptable to your existing and future needs. You can be sure that for the foreseeable future, the website can be updated and upgraded to fill any and all of your needs.

They can help you stand out. A custom developed website is just that – custom to your business. The design, the functionality, the user experience – all are created with your needs in mind to ensure the best experience for your customer.


It can be a process. With all of the flexibility offered, having a site created with your vision in mind can take time. You should expect quite a bit of back and forth given the breadth of options available. If you have a hard time making decisions, it may not be a good fit.

Overall, custom developed websites tend to be the better option; the possibilities are endless, and if there’s something that makes you unhappy – now or in the future – there’s likely a solution. However, if time or cost is a concern, utilizing a template might be an option worth considering.