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The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

September 27, 2019

These days, your customers are on the go, and often viewing your website on a smartphone. Nearly 60% all internet traffic in 2018 was from a mobile device. If users cannot easily browse your website on a mobile device, they will move along to the next site – possibly your competitor. Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly means you’ll be able to reach the majority of users browsing from a mobile device.

Mobile is the way of the future – and the future is now.

The use of mobile phones and tablets is on the rise. Mobile online shopping time now exceeds PC online shopping time. However, mobile is not just important for e-commerce. According to a Google survey, seventy-four percent of visitors to a website are likelier to return to a mobile-friendly website.

Responsive web design is the recommended architecture of a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile phones have smaller displays and will often distort visuals on standard websites, rendering very small and forcing the user to zoom in to see information and click on links. If you’re still rocking a standard website, now is the time to redevelop into a mobile responsive website.

Responsive web design suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. Responsive web design uses grids to layout text and images through the intelligent use of CSS and media queries. As the user switches between screen sizes, the website should automatically adapt to accommodate for resolution, image size, and scripting abilities.

Mobile Friendly Testing Tools

It can be hard to figure out if your website is mobile-friendly. Google provides a tool you can use to identify if the website is mobile-friendly and the changes that can be made to make it mobile-friendly.

Google Mobile Friendly Test – a tool to identify if your website is mobile-friendly. The tool shows you what your website looks like to your visitors and ranks your website for mobile-friendliness. The tool will also list all the mobile usability characteristics that it finds.

Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website at a Glance

  • Streamlined experience across devices
  • Positive ranking signal
  • Improve mobile conversion rate
  • Improved user experience
  • Faster download speed
  • More flexible and cost-effective than app development